Robert Bosson

  • Integrated Design, Creative Artwork, Creative Retouch
  • London, UK

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With over 20 years experience delivering communications within FMCG, direct marketing, healthcare, property, finance, automotive, music and media publishing sectors, I provide across-the-board creative and studio services, including truly integrated design, rock solid creative artwork and creative retouch.

I seek out the classic aesthetic and the elegant design solution. The requisite meticulous eye for crafted layout and typography - and with a love of copy in general - I'm naturally comfortable working across all of today's media channels.

During my career I've created large format print for OOH, exhibitions and the built environment, digital comms such as desktop and mobile emails, banner ads and social media posts, as well as good old fashioned direct marketing door drops and mailers, magazine and newspaper ads, and everything in between. Plus I've got video and audio editing in my repertoire as well – I qualified and worked as a professional audio engineer in recording studios back in the day, which means I learned how to make the best brew in London in between setting up microphones and mixing desks.

Another passion is practicing the traditional craft of film photography and self developing, whilst also exploring my interest in social issues through my documentary photography and independent photojournalism projects. Studying the classical rules of composition and light has been beneficial towards the refinement of my design and retouch offering, and to this end I include a small selection of my work herewith.

If you need help with delivering your client or brand's vision in our multi-channel world, please contact me for further information.