Strong composition and old school, traditional approach is what I’m after. Post-processing and retouching is not, so I don’t set out to manipulate my photos beyond a bit of dodge and burn. And I’m not into lazy clichés either; like that constant obsession with bokeh, or yet another sunset, or little cute shots of flowers, or people just walking down the street, phone in hand. It’s all too easy. Instead, I strive to make images with an inquisitive narrative, maybe a moment of spontaneity or tension, uncertainty, even ambiguity. An image that leaves a question unanswered. My photographic heroes include Cartier-Bresson, Capa, Friedlander, Koudelka, McCullin, Gordon Parks, Parr, Mary Ellen Mark, Salgado, W. Eugene Smith, as well as James Nachtwey and Giles Duley’s more recent humanitarian and conflict work.
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