Strong composition and an old school, traditional approach to the craft is what I’m after. Post-processing and retouching isn’t – I don’t wish to manipulate my photos beyond a bit of dodge and burn. I’m not into lazy clichés either; like that constant obsession with bokeh, or yet another sunset, or little cute shots of flowers, or people just walking down the street, phone in hand, it’s too easy. Instead, I strive to make images with an inquisitive narrative, maybe a moment of spontaneity or tension, uncertainty, even ambiguity. An image that leaves a question unanswered. My photographic heroes include Cartier-Bresson, Capa, Friedlander, Koudelka, McCullin, Gordon Parks, Parr, Mary Ellen Mark, Salgado, W. Eugene Smith, as well as James Nachtwey and Giles Duley’s more recent humanitarian and conflict work.
One can check a deeper breadth of my work on flickr:

One of my photographs as featured on a political website during February 2019