Street & social documentary photography has been one of my creative outlets for a number of years. I don’t see my work as an exercise in my knowledge of, or skill in digital manipulation or retouching, beyond mirroring traditional dodging and burning. And I’m not interested in lazy clichés such as endless bokeh, sunsets or macro shots of flowers.
I wish to get closer to my subject with a wide angle lens and remove myself from the comfort zone.

This practice of photography has helped me better understand myself and this multifaceted culture which we inhabit. It has also given me a greater level of self confidence. I want to create engaging images that present a subject; a narrative; a question; an emotional connection.

I shoot film wherever I can, and I home develop in a minimal darkroom. This enables me to have complete creative control over the traditional craft of creating images on analogue film.

I love the photography of the photojournalist masters. The Magnum photographers Cartier-Bresson and Capa, Bruce Gilden’s street flash, Koudelka’s outsiders, Don McCullin, Gordon Parks' Bronx tales, Martin Parr’s English observations, Mary Ellen Mark, Salgado and W. Eugene Smith’s window into the human condition – these amongst many others.

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