Fine art and commercial styles are not really what interests me, and therefore the photos I make are not an exercise in my knowledge of post processing or retouching – I do not manipulate my photos beyond the traditional practice of dodging and burning. Lazy clichés do not excite me visually; the endless fascination with bokeh, yet another sunset, cute macro shots of flowers, images that look like they belong in a lifestyle magazine.
I strive to create images with an inquisitive narrative, maybe a moment of spontaneity or tension, uncertainty, even ambiguity, an image that leaves a question unanswered. I love the work of the masters; Cartier-Bresson, Capa, Friedlander, Koudelka, McCullin, Gordon Parks, Martin Parr, Mary Ellen Mark, Salgado, W. Eugene Smith, as well as James Nachtwey and Giles Duley’s more recent humanitarian and conflict work – these amongst many others.
You can browse my complete photographic work on flickr: